Tips on Fall Prevention

17 Aug

Now that both of your parents are already senior, they must have their own bathroom that could accommodate and sustain all their needs; moreover, this is the best answer for all tips for fall prevention that are written in this article so that your parents would be able to use the  bathroom safely.

Part of growing old, their vision would be affected by the low voltage lights placed in the bathrooms. So it would be best to use the brighter ones. Most seniors usually wake up during dawn just to use the bathroom; you have to ensure that they will have a safe journey going to the bathroom by means of putting or installing night lights. This would aid in them in every step of the way.

You may like to replace all the tubs with the walk-in shower that does not have any steps in order to prevent trips and falls as your parents would try to go the shower. If this couldn't be done, you should install some handrails that would support their weight because if the handrails couldn't support the weight, then the purpose has been eliminated. Another good idea is to utilize a rubberized mat which is huge enough for the tub. The mats that you will select must be of the same color with your tub so that even if they have poor vision, they could still manage to see the mat.

It is possible that while taking their bath, they would suddenly get dizzy and just slip accidently; the hand rails with vertical bars are of surely great help as these provide something that they can hold on to.

The oil based soaps, moisturizers, and bath oils are the common factors that cause elderlies to slip and fall. So you should be able to replace these materials with another one that could be rinsed with ease and does not leave any oil residue. You can try this product or visit this page for the best fall prevention measures.

The next thing is extremely important. Bathroom appliances like the electric razors, hair dryers, and electric brushes must be taken out or kept way from water and the way of your parents because these things can cause electrocution if they are not properly used.

Remove all the clutter inside the bathroom like the laundry baskets, used towels, tissue papers, and even the sanitary napkins. There should be a wide space good enough for maneuvering.

If the bathroom have tiled flooring which are not easily replaced unless you spend a lot, you could purchase a wall to wall carpeting or a rubberized mat instead. Continue reading more on this here:

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